Fees For Simple Plans

                                                                GOOD & GOOD, P.C. 


Initial Consultations-No Charge

Fees per document:

1.  Individual Will ($290)

2.  Husband and Wife Wills ($390 total)

3.  Living Will(s)  ($75 each)

4.  Power of Attorney-Financial  ($60 each)

5.  Power of Attorney-Medical  ($45 each)

6.  HIPAA Information Directive ($45 each)

7.  Quit Claim Deeds  ($150 each)

8.  Changes or updates to Wills originally drafted by

Timothy D. Good, LLC ($250 minimum)

9.  Complete Husband & Wife Plan; includes Wills and

all ancillary documents  ($650)

10.  Complete Individual Planning includes Wills and

all ancillary documents ($425)

This is a listing of fees and not a fee agreement.  Your lawyer will have you sign a fee agreement once you have obtained a consultation with the lawyer, you authorize the lawyer to perform services on your behalf, and the lawyer agrees to perform services on your behalf.